India's top Festival Dress for Men

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festivals have become an institution — but what do you wear and pack? We explore some essential festival clothes for men to help you pack, no matter if you’re looking to chill out with your family, pooja, or dance the night away to the pop house.

festivals, whether you prefer ethenic, casual, or formal, have a few definitive characteristics. You’ll be out in the sun for hours or under the delightful rays of the moon – unless, of course, it rains. There are always people around in festive times. And, whether you’re walking, dancing, or simply relaxing, it’s always good to fit in the festival vibe and good to wear vibrant colors.

What to wear on Diwali Festival?

jogger street style
relaxed shirt street style

No shying from bright colors -We know that you prefer grey, black and blue, but festive occasions like Diwali, etc., call for some vibrant colors and you should be willing to embrace them with open arms. As it’s a summer-autumn season, cool colors will not only be soothing to the eyes but will help you beat the heat, too.

Keep it light. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a short-sleeve button-up, a tee, or even a bro tank. It’s expected that you’ll be sweating under the sun, even if you’re not dancing and moving around.
Self-weave Kurtas like this jacquard beige-colored one are perfect for those of you who want to keep it simple yet look the part of festivities. The soothing cotton fabric of the Kurta will keep you at ease all-day long while giving you a handsome look.

what if you don’t want to go with a kurta?

This option is for you if you are more of a button-down type of man enhancing your festive vibe. Do not think twice as to what to wear with a blazer & printed shirt, grab on what goes well with a neutral-colored shirt. Then match the attire with dark-colored pants Whether you prefer ripped jeans for the concert or go with skin-tight ones for a Diwali party. You can also flaunt a collared print shirt by pulling the collar out of the lapels of the blazer.

Royal Dressing

Achkan Style jacket with kurta set

short street style
short street style

Take for example the achkan kurta, which looks much like the sherwani yet is entirely different! If observed closely it has a strong resemblance to menswear in Mughal courts. In fact, the achkan has its roots in Central Asia and today it has been adopted as one of the most popular forms of ethnic wear for Indian men.

An achkan, basically, is a knee-length jacket, buttoned down the center or side. It has long sleeves and a breast pocket on the left side. The buttons run all the way down to the bottom hem from the neckline. Achkans are usually made up of light fabrics which makes them an immensely popular, smart, and sleek option for weddings in summer.
The achkan kurta is immensely popular among Indian men today and owing to the outfit’s lightness and simplicity, it can be worn on non-wedding occasions as well.

Christmas Party Wear

relaxed shirt street style
relaxed shirt street style

If you’re wondering what to wear for Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for men’s Christmas outfit ideas sure to keep you on the nice list this year.
exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, sharing meals with family and friends, and waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. that’s how we celebrate Christmas.
This is a festival of fun, joy, exploring, lights, decoration, and love, so we must celebrate it in style by wearing delightful, jolly, fancy dresses and outfits.
but, the most asked question comes to our mind “what to wear?” “how to influence others by dressing” etc. So here we SCREAMERS fashion guide is here to resolve your all queries. stay tuned.


If you’re not sure how to wear a Christmas sweater, start with the place it’ll be the most at home. But first, you have to decide whether you wanna opt for formal or casual. 

As your outfit must be delightful, perfectly ironed, and appealing. 

It will be perfect if you play with colors in the noon time and for a day out with friends, like you may go for a colorful sweater (red, green, yellow, blue ) with chinos, jeans or pants and your shoes must match your fits. keep your accessories on with your outfit – shawl, mufflers, snapback caps, watch, sunglasses and etc. but again it should match your outfit.


Women Denim Cut-of with Grey T-shirt
Women Denim Cut-of with Grey T-shirt

How to dress for a Christmas party? What to wear on a Christmas Day – will no longer be your query, once you go through our blog below. SCREAMERS is here for your individual style.
If you have some plans with your partners in casual Christmas party outfits for a casual Christmas celebration.
It’s the time when you can shake on some trousers, chino pants or jeans along with a T-shirt and a few suitable shoes without feeling underdressed. In case you’re going through the evening at a bar, pick a dull pair of jeans and a fresh T-shirt in a bright color. Ensure you’re comfortable by wearing casual loafers or dress shoes to finish the look. Just ensure to match tones with the color theme if any, also you can go for a colorful plane sweater over any check shirt or plane shirt but the color should be different, in bottoms you can go for regular fit chino (as shown in the picture). and trust us, it can be your best Christmas outfit of all time.

Top New year eve outfit for men

jogger street style
jogger street style

Where did the time go? It seems like the older I get the faster the years pass by, it always feels like yesterday. I’m sure that you have been or will be attending new year parties through the remainder of the year.
but always confused about the outfit like ‘what to wear on new year’s eve’ and how to stand out differently.
Whether you’re going out with the boys, hitting up a few dinner parties, or taking your significant other out on a special date, we’ve got distinct looks styled to inspire your new year party or NYE get-ups this year along with styling inspiration at the end.
So, SCREAMERS fashion guide is here to take you to another world of fashion- fashion for all.

New Year Dinner Party Outfit

jogger street style
jogger street style

If you’ve been invited to a party, dinner, or even booked tickets to a high-end nightclub, this is likely to be a formal occasion. and it’s going to be more of a formal or dressy occasion.
If you’re going to an event that is super smart but not traditionally black tie, then you might want to try out a velvet blazer and pair of trousers. You can opt for a smart white shirt, or even a plain roll neck jumper which will keep things smart and keep you warm too, As for the style, Oxford and Derby shoes are the smarter option, leave those brogues at home.
A well-fitted suit will always look better, the label will not matter so much.

New Year’s Eve House Party

short street style
short street style

what if you want to look smart and are planning an evening out with the other half to celebrate New Year’s Eve House party?
well, it depends on where you plan to go, but a smart suit will never go wrong.
The dress jacket and trousers option with smart shoes will go down well, and work for most occasions.
well, colors play a very important role The staple colors of black, navy, and grey will work well. If you fancy going for a change and injecting some color, wine or plum color will set you apart while keeping your style smart.

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